About Us

Driven by spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, WH Monitoring has a global vision that Vibration analysis and diagnostics have to be re-invented. The methods used in vibration analysis are the result of almost 80 years evolution of mechanical instruments that might capture a simple, low frequency dynamic waveform. At the same time technology (material science, motor industry, aerospace, marine, etc.) have been developing more rapidly making vibration monitoring quite obsolete. However, according to the theory of solid mechanics there is huge potential of vibration-based approach that still is not utilised.  

A group of aerospace and defence scientists decided to solve this problem. They had to re-think the evolution of methods of vibration analysis and to find the alternative path of development considering today’s needs and opportunities. And they triumphed by creating a Wave Health Concept and Methodology.

Laboratory investigations were followed by Industrial tests. Leading aerospace, energy, transportation and manufacturing companies were involved in the tests that proved the inconceivable capacity of the new technology.

WH Monitoring was founded around the know-how developed during this project with the aim to help engineers from all over the world to cope with their daunting tasks by providing comprehensive and pervasive information about structural response in real time.

Whether you are creating predictive maintenance system, designing new structure or troubleshooting, our engineers with solid background in different industries from Aerospace to Marine are always ready to listen to your case and explain how Wave Health Technology could be used to achieve the most efficient solution. We can be your last resort, really. Just drop us a line with brief explanation of the task and we will come back to you to discuss how could we help.


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